State Officers and Board Members

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Executive Board
President Trey Hayes  
Vice President Dave Johnson  
Secretary Kris Jones
Treasurer Ron Raper  
Past President Penny DiPomazio  
5A Region Rep Liaison Cody Huckabay
4A Region Rep Liaison Nancy Moore
Additional Board Members (also including all Region Reps below)

Toni Schramme


David Partenheimer

Diving Jennifer Mangum
Diving Secretary Tommy Law  
Officials Dan McAllen
Membership Ron Raper  
Technology Greg McLain
Sergeant of arms Robert Tidmore
Water Polo Anne Woolveaver
Region Representatives
Region 1 Representative 4A Teri Morse-4A Liaison/Awards  
5A Trey Hayes  
Region 2 Representative 4A Chris Cullen
5A Kevin Murphy
Region 3 Representative 4A Melissa Rose
5A Sam Serio  
Region 4 Representative 4A Carl Auel  
5A Jordan Beck
Region 5 Representative 4A Brian Vestal

Kent Kirchner

Region 6 Representative 4A Greg McLain
5A Robert Kelly  
Region 7 Representative 4A Lance Clary
5A Mark Jedow 
Region 8 Representative 4A Calvin Snyder

Roxanne Balducci-Awards

Private Schools Representative Private Bruce Rollings
All-Region Patches N/A Xiomara Lopez  
Regional Diving Representatives
Region 1 4A/5A Jennifer Mangum  
Region 2 4A/5A Jerry Smith  
Region 3 4A/5A Sam Serio  
Region 4 4A/5A Danny Sautural  
Region 5 4A/5A Ed Hooker  
Region 6 4A/5A Darla Kelly  
Region 7 4A/5A Craig Nolder  
Region 8 4A/5A Trey Collins